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What happens if youcan't afford vet visits?

How quickly the bills for treating a pet illness or injury can grow. Failing to get your pet regular check-ups and proper medical care can lead to severe discomfort or even death of a beloved companion.

Put bluntly, pet care is not going to get any cheaper any time soon and your pets are probably going to need qualified medical attention sooner. Having excellent pet insurance means you’re prepared.

Once you’ve passed the waiting period, you can start claiming on pet medical expenses. But everyone seems to be selling pet insurance these days, so which one should you go for?

Cover Search™ trawls the internet to find the best insurance deals so you can spend more time and less money enjoying your pets.

What are the types of Pet Insurance plans?

Pick one that offers what you doggo or kitty needs.

Accident Only

Time Limited

Max Benefit


The cheapest and most basic insurance plan for pets. This plan only covers accident-related vet fees, with some policies also covering minor vet costs for illnesses cause as a result of an accident.

Policies that are usually only valid for 1 year and can only be used to cover the costs of treating specific conditions. Once the plan expires, owners will need to either taking out a new policy or covering the costs out-of-pocket.

A comprehensive plan that allows pet owners to claim for various vet treatment costs, up to a specified limit. Once the limit is reached, owners will need to cover all vet fees thereafter.

The most comprehensive (and pricy) cover for pets that let’s you claim back on vet fees up to a specified amount each year of your pet’s life. It tends to covers a wider variety of treatments that other policy types.

Frequently Asked Questions

about pet insurance

Pet insurance plans vary based on the level of cover and the results of a risk analysis, but there are ways to secure the most affordable premium.

1. Research

Before you adopt a pet, take some time to research their breed and check how prone they are to illness. Pet types or breeds that will need the vet more will result in higher pet insurance rates.

2. Preventative Care

Use a preventative pet care plan to ensure all vaccinations and routine check-ups are tended to. Pets with stronger immune systems are lower risk for insurers.

3. Microchips

While all dogs legally need to be chipped, there is no legal obligation to chip cats or other pets, but most insurance providers encourage having pets microchipped with reduced premiums.

4. Multi-pet Insurance

Almost all pet insurance providers offer a discount when you choose to insure more than one pet with them.

You need to send a claims form to your insurer. Here is what you need to do to make a pet insurance claim.

Yes, most providers offer policies that allow you to claim instantly for emergencies. However, there are plans and procedures that require a waiting period of 14-days. You can check the policy details to confirm if there are any waiting periods on claims.

No, pet insurance does not cover routine treatments like vaccinations and check-ups.

Absolutely! You can cover more than one pet with the same provider. Most providers even offer a discount once you add a second or third pet to the policy.

Yes, there are plans that older pets will qualify for, but most comprehensive plans do have age limits of about 8 years for dogs and cats.

It depends on your provider and chosen plan, but in general, no, pre-existing conditions are not covered by pet insurance. Some providers will approve cover for pre-existing conditions if the pet has been symptom free for at least 2 years.

Yes, there are UK charities that can help with vet bills if you are retired, struggling with a limited income, or if you receive certain state benefits. You can contact:
PDSA - they treats animals from owners that get financial help from specific state benefits (Housing Benefit or Council Tax support). In exchange for complimentary vet care, they do ask pet owners to donate what they can to the cost.
Blue Cross - they runs four animal hospitals and pet care clinics that offer free veterinary services to those of low income.
Dogs Trust – they offer financial support to dog owners that reside in certain areas of the UK with a low income or specific means-tested benefit, with the goal to assist with the cost of neutering.

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